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Rekha Merchant

An excellent yoga sir, Mahesh sir has indepth knowledge of the asanas. Has helped me make my back stronger, improve flexibility and stamina. Truly a class to rejuvenate and revive. Sir also recommends asanas if you have any specific problem that needs to be addressed. Thank you

Kalpana Chandan

Our yoga sir is very good n well experienced teacher. I m practisng yoga since two years under the instructions of our yoga sir Mahesh. His way of teaching ashans n explain the benefits of each n every ashans is very nice.

Vivek Kumar

Such a very good place and i heartily say your instructor is very excellent instructor keep the fully knowledge and good performance.
Thank you very much Shivshakti all the best


I studied with five different yoga teachers in India and Manish soni was the best. Teacher with professional knowledge smile human and energetic one,supporter and creative teacher who adapted me the right the exercises according to my abilities. Strongly recommend taking private lessons or as part of a small group.
For sure I’ll come again to learn form my doctor manish soni Sending you love and light.

Arun Kumar

Yoga makes my soul happy, gives me inner peace,keeps me calm and grounded. Shivshati yoga studio gives us the best experience daily and Manish Yoga Teacher is very patient and teaches us according to our individual needs.Happy to be at Shivshakti

Ritu Yadav

Highly professional yoga teacher good command on her practice and teaching skill I saw lots of improvement in my flexibility and strength Highly recommended in my point of view

Nupur Chandani

Hi. Shiv Shakti Yog session is very good , it has helped me learn various Sequence and variation of Asanas which has enhanced my flexibility and increased my stamina. It makes one feel energetic and active the whole day. Must join !!

Smita Kodukulu

It has been 2 years learning & practicing Yoga with Mahesh Sir. Thorough knowledge of the asanas & his subtle style of teaching the technique has made a significant impact on our physical ability & ajility. He doesn’t restrict himself to teaching yoga alone.
His proficiency in philosophy stimulates us mentally too, making our sessions highly informative & interesting. His demonstrations are so inspiring & motivating…… They help us set our individual goals always a notch higher!! Thanks so much sir, hoping for enriching experience for years to come….
May God bless you with peace & strength!!!

Sucheta sharma

Inspite of my history of slip disc n knee pain, Mahesh Sir focused on my yoga postures in a group class of 6-7 ladies. It has really helped me, i have lost weight, become flexible n my stress has gone down to a large extend.
Now I can walk n stand for long. I don’t miss even a single class even if I m tired or busy. Yoga with Shiv Shakti Yog class of Mahesh Sir has become a part of my daily routine.

Seema Trivedi

I was diagnosed with 3rd stage of osteoarthritis. I was in tremendous knee pain n was putting up knee braces for walking. After physiotherapy my condition improved a bit. On advice of my friends, I joined Shivshakti Yoga classes. Though I attend class in a batch of 6 students , but Sir really pay attention to each and every student’s medical condition . He made me do all exercises which will strengthen my knees and muscles. In two months time I m off braces and living a painless life. Thank you Sir for your guidance. I will recommend this class for all age groups.