Hatha Yoga

Yoga is a ancient methodology which works at various levels of human personality, leading to gradual yet complete transformation of body-mind complex. It is a integral part of mind-body medicine which not only sculpts the body but also ensures mental and emotional health.
Yoga is an accepted system to lead a holistic life. The learning of this science is experiential and to address the problems of present age, different disciplines of Yoga have been developed.

If you want to achieve this transcendental experience, the practices of hatha yoga and pranayama should be perfected. Hatha Yoga is a great science which everyone can practice according to his or her own capacity. Hatha yoga techniques along with asana and a few pranayama, are sufficient for most people. It is necessary to practice these preparatory limbs first. The rules and recommendations also be observed.

What makes this method of treatment so powerful and effective is the fact that is works according to the principles of harmony and unification rather than diversity. The three important principles on which physical and mental therapy is based are as follows:

1. Conferring absolute health to one part or system of the body thereby influencing the rest of the body.
2. Balancing the positive and negative energy poles (ida and pingala, prana and apana)
3. Purifying the body of the three types of wastes (doshas).

In the last forty years hatha yoga has been accepted as a therapeutic science all over the world and many scientific studies have been conducted in this field. Today we teach yoga to people because it is very necessary. Man has become sick and medical science is not able to meet the challenge. Hatha yoga has been helping everybody.