Master kriya of detoxification (Shankh Prakshalana) to cleanse complete gastrointestinal tract.
Concept of Shankha prakshalana (Deep colon cleanse)
Shankhaprakshalana is a major hatha yoga practice carried out for thorough cleansing the entire digestive tract with the use of salt water, in combination with specific yoga asanas. The term is derived from two words wherein, ‘shankha’ means conch, representing the alimentary canal and ‘prakshalan’ refers to cleanse or wash. Another sub-type of Shankhaprakshalana is ‘Laghu shankhaparkshalana’, a shorter and lighter version of full process.
The benefit Shanka Prakshalana is a lighter, more flexible, physical body. The various metabolic acids and chemical wastes causing stiffness, lethargy and heaviness such as lactic acid and uric acid are washed away. It eliminates allergies (e.g. hay fever) and skin diseases. Further, a clearer and more alert mind is experienced as with fasting, but without the irritating feeling of an empty stomach.
Both the cleansing kriyas should be practiced in the presence of a Yoga Guru and not without advice of a medical practitioner.