About Us

The dedicated and experienced team of “Shivshakti Yog”, offers the right way of Yoga training based on requirements and specific needs. The training is imparted in unison with the authentic scriptural teachings, backed with 6 years of professional experience in the field of training Human body and mind for Yoga. The members of our team are certified professionals from renowned Yoga Institutes. The primary objective of “Shivshakti Yog”is supreme health, tranquil mind and spiritual enhancement of participants.
We offer various nuances of Yoga and it’s teachings are imparted at Shivshakti Yog. As mentioned in Yogic Scripture, Yoga can be done by the healthy, the old, and the young and also by a diseased person. To offer our services to different category of people, “Shivshakti Yog”has designed specific modules pertaining to required objective.